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    News AudioText Telecom

    Dear partners and customers
    We are pleased to inform you that in September 2019 we have launched our latest release 17. This year you as our customer and partner can benefit from numerous innovations and new functions in our AMX alarm server as well as the MediCarePlus software solution!

    Innovations AMX:

    • Reporting: Alarm acknowledgements "confirmed" and "listened" are now displayed in green color
    • KATA PIN now also definable for mobile app users
    • Implementation of Spectralink 77 series
    • Integration of Ascom OAP

    Innovations ATT-Mobile App:

    • PIN entry in KATA to enter area (optional)
    • Past alarms visible via real-time monitor Dashboard
    • Telephone numbers can be clicked directly to make a call
    • Overview of who started the alarm

    Innovations MediCarePlus:

    • Revision of GETS Display Sounds
    • Introduction of GETS LCD display
    • Faster and easier editing
    • Support of ADAM WISE 6040
    • Support of Toplovo GPS devices
    • Support of CSTA (Panasonic) via TCP/IP
    • Tyco support via ESPA 4.4.4

    Upcoming features for MediCarePlus until end of 2019:

    • New Mobile App Features for Android
    • Mobile App now also for IOS
    • MediCarePlus as Cloud Solution
    • New GETS GEC TCP/IP Integration

    Upcoming AMX innovations 2020 (from Release 18):

    • New interface, responsive design
    • Clearer and more flexible display
    • Faster loading times
    • White Label - Partner can define his own logos and partly his style
    • Central configuration of software modules
    • Live reporting of interface logs
    • New authorization classes
    • Cockpit / Dashboard (statistics with alarms, display which alarms are active)

    Do you have questions about our products or do you have questions about the new software migration? Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by telephone.
    Best regards
    Abdullah Toprak

  • Hotelinnovativ AG and ATT AG join forces

    Hotelinnovativ AG und ATT AG gehen gemeinsame Wege

    Hotelinnovativ AG and ATT AG join forces

    Bundling competencies, expertise and strengths leads to the emergence of fruitful partnerships. Since mid-2019, a partnership of this kind has existed between Hotelinnovativ AG and ATT - AudioText Telecom AG.

    Hotelinnovativ AG is a leading provider of digital solutions for the entertainment and information of guests, visitors and patients. This is done via TV screens and tablets in guest rooms, on interactive touchscreen monitors or on static screens, all of which can be used wherever you want to spread your message.

    ATT AG offers tailor-made solutions in the areas of alarms, protection of single workers and nurse call systems. The AMX alarm server from ATT AG reliably ensures that the right people can intervene on site at an early stage in an emergency to prevent any dangers. With AMX, information from different sources (e.g., the fire alarm system) are combined, processed centrally and reliably transmitted to the recipient via various communication channels such as SMS, telephone call, email and many others.

    Both companies develop, advise, design, plan, implement and support their hospitality and health care solutions for their clients in Switzerland and abroad. In addition to innovative solutions, both companies see service and excellent support as top priorities.

    Since they have the same DNA with regard to services, innovation and support, both companies are ideal partners whose solutions complement each other perfectly and who can therefore provide interesting comprehensive solutions in the entertainment and security sector.

    Both companies are looking forward to a long-term and successful partnership.

    Hotelinnovativ AG and ATT AG

     Hotelinnovativ AG and ATT AG join forces

  • New Key Account Manager

    Mitarbeiter Claudio Donnaianna

    New support for ATT AG: Key Account Manager by 1st April 2019

    Dear partners and customers

    We are pleased to inform you that AudioText Telecom AG will receive active support from Mr. Claudio Donnaianna as "Key Account Manager" by 1st April 2019.

    Mr. Donnaianna convinces through his many years of professional experience and his know-how, which he acquired over many years at Damovo Schweiz AG.

    He is looking forward to taking care of your concerns from April onwards and be at your disposal by e-mail at or telephone +41 44 908 60 08.

    Abdullah Toprak (CEO ATTAG),

    „ We wish Mr. Donnaianna a good start and look forward to a trustful and good cooperation.“

  • Parquery AG und ATT AG

    Parquery Smart Parking with alarm server solutions.

    Promising collaboration between Parquery AG and ATT AG

    Parquery AG and AudioText Telecom AG (ATT) have recently started working on joint technological solutions in the field of object recognition by camera and the alarm triggered by this under certain conditions.

    The first project will focus on the detection of weather-related conditions such as flood and heavy snowfall. A common customer wants to install an alarm system that can detect in real-time if there is a weather-related threat, in order to prevent endangering the company premises.

    Parquery was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich. The company's software detects objects in pictures from any camera. The resulting data are conveyed to customers in real time. Parquery is primarily active in the Smart Mobility sector, primarily in parking lot analysis. The analysis tools enable Parquery's customers to obtain data on parking occupancy and exact parking duration.

    ATT-Audio Text Telecom AG (ATT) was founded in Switzerland in 1995 and since then has been developing customer-specific solutions in various alarm areas. In the field of alarm management solutions, it is a leading manufacturer nationwide.

    The cooperation between ATT and Parquery could have many different use cases in which a situation, objects or other specifically defined parameters would be recognized and analyzed by camera. These results of the analysis could trigger alarms in real time.

    Andrea Fossati (CEO Parquery),

    „We are looking forward to this cooperation with ATT and see many synergies which we would like to exploit. Parquery's competence in object analysis, coupled with ATT's extensive experience and know-how in alerting, can open up many fields of activity for both companies. We are eager to see what the future holds.“