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  • Work Safety in the swiss prisons.

    Blaulicht - Arbeitssicherheit

    Nach den Berichten, welche vom Bundesamt für Justiz veröffentlicht wurden, ist jeder vierte Häftling ein Risikotäter. Die Gefängnisse setzen auf gut ausgebildetes Gefängnispersonal und hohe Sicherheit. Um mit den technologischen Möglichkeiten dort einzugreifen, wo Menschen in Risikosituationen geraten, setzen sich Spezialisten aus dem Alarmierungs- und Kommunikationsbereichen mit ihren Lösungen ein. Dabei können spezifische Alarmierungslösungen Leben retten!

  • ATT AG’s Alarm Server is UNIFY SIP-Q certified.

    UNIFY SIP-Q ATT Alarmserver

    Secure transmission thanks to ATT AG’s Alarm Server

    The Alarm Server guarantees that individuals or groups who have been clearly defined in advance will be notified in case of malfunction or damage. To ensure that the connection is secure, ATT AG’s Alarm Server has been UNIFY SIP-Q certified. Within the shortest period of time possible, all necessary individuals and groups will be notified by ATT AG’s Alarm Server according to a previously defined scenario. This can be done via internal or external telephones, with DECT, pagers or GSM, using voice or text messages. Depending on the settings, in case of an alarm parts of buildings or whole buildings themselves can be quickly informed and evacuated. Using the Alarm Server, information may also be transmitted to all persons and institutions who need to be informed as quickly as possible. It is also important to note that the security of the transmission can be guaranteed, which can also prevent an expensive false alarm or the transmission of data by unauthorized third parties.

    UNIFY SIP-Q guarantees a secure connection.

    Thanks to UNIFY SIP-Q certification, ATT AG’s Alarm Server guarantees comprehensive networking in all network scenarios. SIP-Q is more up-to-date and better than SIP, offering future-oriented and secure networking for all communications parts that are linked together. UNIFY SIP-Q may be compared to QSIG, an ISDN-based protocol used to link individual telephone exchanges together. The abbreviation Q-Interface Signaling Protocol means that the signals are linked at reference point Q. In case of emergency, getting information through quickly using the Alarm Server make be the difference between life and death. When the relevant individuals, groups and authorities are informed automatically, both the dangers and costs of an emergency call, fire, flooding, EDP malfunction, machine or installation damage can be kept as minimal as possible. Notification and information transmission can be handled by voice announcement, as well as via digital text message by phone, SMS, computer monitor alert or email message, depending on which form of transmission is the fastest and most efficient. This process makes it possible to transmit not only the alarm, but also any other additional information, so that employees can quickly evaluate the alarm properly and react in the right way.

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