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  • ATT- Alarm Notification APP for fast and secure alarming


    ATT- Alarm Notification APP for fast and secure alarming

    • From AMX Alarm Management Release 11
    • Secure communication channel (https)
    • Fast and efficient message delivery at no cost
    • Escalation option, in cases where the message is not transmitted
    • Intuitive graphic user application for acceptance / rejection of an alarm message
    • Alarmhistory with all data details, including filter options
    • Available for iPhone and Android

  • AMX Alarm Management Release 11


    AMX Alarm Management Release 11 is now available and provides the following innovations:

    PBX integration

    • Microsoft Lync SIP Trunk
    • MX-ONE direct access, inkl. Phonebook (no CPDM)
    • Aastra SIP DECT (Open Mobility Manager)
    • A400 ATAS Protocol
    • Panasonic SIP Trunk
    • Avaya IP Office SIP Trunk


    • iPhone native App
    • Android App
    • Ad hoc conference bridge Web –Tool
    • Aastra A5000 with Man down functionality and localisation
    • Individual text message fields for SMS, Pager, telephone display and email
    • Swisscom Large Account ECO providing 1 SMS per second! Interesting for SMB together with Alarm Management solutions

    System Administration

    • Role based access concept (multi tenant)
    • Statistics over individual contacts / interfaces
    • Alarm reporting with source allocation
    • Simplifying the administration by using hyperlinks

    New interfaces

    • Bosch Nursecall (ESPA)
    • Securifire BMA Securiton (ESPA)
    • Panasonic FP WEB Server (Anbindung Panasonic SPS)
    • Kofax Communication Server (XML)
    • Aeroscout MobileView Application for Real Time Visibility Solutions -Identification & Location (XML)

  • AMX talks ATAS


    Following the long series of integrations into the Aastra Portfolio, the AMX Alarm Management Server now communicates directly via TCP/IP and the ATAS Protocol using the future-proof communication platform A400 from Aastra. The last gap in our Aastra offer has thereby been closed. In addition to our Aastra products A400 / A700 / A5000 / MX-ONE and OpenCom, we also continue to have solutions available for Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Panasonic, Cisco and Microsoft Lync

  • Aastra MX-ONE Direct Integration


    ATT-AudioText Telecom now offers the direct integration of the Aastra MX-ONE /A700. This means that our AMX Alarm Management solution is also being delivered for this PBX family equipped with the up to date operating systems Windows 7 (64 Bit) and Server 2008 R2 (64 Bit).

    Having the new integration for MX-ONE, customers benefit from the following functionalities:

    • Integrated phonebook query
    • Integrated text message gateway between individual participants
    • Gateway text message notification in the message box
    • Gateway text message on display (flash)
    • Acknowledgement via text message
    • Monitoring handset (test alarm, man down alarm, movement alarm, red button)
    • Dedicated removal of text messages on the terminal device

    Besides VOIP (SIP), the traditional TDM connection is still being supported. As a member of the Aastra Approved Partner Program (A2P2), the solution has been qualified.