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  • SNOM Multicell DECT System


    Our AMX alerting system supports the latest VoIP-based SNOM M900 DECT multi-cell base station.

    The modern DECT system enables text messaging of alarms in seconds via highly configurated handsets. The color on the handset display and the adjustable ringtone indicates the alarm level.

    The anti-bacterial M90 DECT device is equipped with Man Down Alarm in addition to the conventional emergency button. The Man Down Alarm is also triggered by a built-in accelerometer when the device is not changed position for a certain time in a special position angle. The phone will then automatically emit a loud alarm tone or call a pre-defined emergency number by itself.

    In the event of an emergency message, the localization of the alarm trigger is immediately determined with the alarm message to the alarm receiver.

    SNOM Alarmierung with M90 M900

    SNOM - AMX:

    • SNOM M70 (Alarm Button)
    • SNOM M80 (Alarm Button)
    • SNOM M85 (Man Down Alarm, Rip cord, Alarm Button)
    • SNOM M90 (Alarm Button)
    • SNOM M900 (DECT Multicell Base Station)
    • SNOM M700 (DECT Multicell Base Station)
    • SNOM D345
    • SNOM D375