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ATT - AudioText Telecom AG

Gründung: 1995 als Aktiengesellschaft

Geschäftsleitung: Mahmut Sarac und Abdullah Toprak

Field of business activity


Soft- and hardware based system solutions to monitor, manage and log security relevant events independet of the location and source. Events will be detected over potential-free contacts, external control systems, phone calls, etc. Alarm notifications then will be submitted to the recipient based on the priority by using the short message service, phone call, email, fax and internal or external paging or in plain text to wireless DECT /WiFi devices (integration with different PBX).


Soft- and hardware based system solutions to automate and rationalize phone traffic. Stand-alone voicemail systems up to multi-client capable, decentral, browser-based interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

Interface link

Extension of our own solutions with customer specific database applications (CTI)


Consulting, concept creation, standard solutions and customer specific solutions, project planning, commissioning of turnkey solutions (fixed price, in time), training, support and maintenance.