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Public Administration

At municipal offices, employees are sometimes exposed to dangerous situations which demand a rapid response to prevent escalation. The dangers facing employees are just as diverse as the public bodies they work for.

Our AMX Alarmserver provides a universal solution to a wide range of demands in the fields of education, transport, taxation or law. Our concepts, which are tailored to your own individual needs, guarantee optimal security and well-functioning communications at all times. In addition, thanks to the unique AMX Alarmserver system, you have the option of linking other sites or branch offices to the Alarmserver at minimal extra expense.

Below is an overview of our AMX Alarmserver as in operation in a Swiss canton.

Silent alarm

As soon as a member of staff is threatened or feels threatened, he or she can trigger a silent alarm by any of the following means: a pre-programmed button on the phone, a USB button affixed to the underside of the desk, or a pre-programmed function key on the keyboard. An automatic connection is then established with the AMX Alarmserver.

Mute loudspeaker

When a phone call is made via the Alarmserver, there is no need for anyone to lift the receiver; the loudspeaker remains mute and the microphone is switched on automatically. A conference call is then set up with pre-designated members of staff. A pre-defined pop-up message appears on the display or monitor of the corresponding employees. When they lift the receiver, they hear a recorded message before being connected to the conference call.

Conference call

During the conference call, participants can hear what is happening in the vicinity of the threatened person while also discussing among themselves what action to take. The conference call is maintained as long as at least two participants are still in communication with each other, regardless of whether the threatened person has already interrupted the connection. The entire conference call is recorded on the alarm system. If necessary, these recordings can be made available to the parties concerned.